Metacon SGS

This Fire resistant sliding door is an excellent solution for situations where a high level of fire impediment is required as well as specific end-user design needs. Ultimate fire resistance is dependent upon the overall size and the materials being used in the sliding door, where a maximum of 90 minutes (conform EI(1) requirements) or 120 minutes (conform EW requirements) may be achieved.The sliding door may be optionally implemented as a double-wing sliding door with both appendages sliding towards one side, bi-parting or sliding telescopically with several sections gliding in front of the other. A unique feature of this door is the option to install an emergency exit door without the need for a floor track, thereby allowing the fire resistant sliding door to be incorporated into the buildings’ contingency of escape route. As an added option the sliding door may also be fitted with fire resistant glass window, allowing for maximum visibility while the door is in the closed position. The fire resistant sliding door is offered in the manually operated version as standard, which also includes a speed regulator with an integrated magnet. However, it is also possible to fit this door with an electric drive.