Metacon RGS EI (1) 60 EW 180

Metacon RGS EI (1) 60 EW 180, is a fire shutter, fitted with galvanized steel guides. Standardly equipped with an electric drive motor, safety brake and a control box that may be operated by the touch of a finger. Fire shutters can be used daily as a portal and / or in the event of a fire. These fireproof shutters may be augmented with the additional options such as a failsafe electrical drive motor and/or emergency battery pack in the event of main power failure.




  • This option of being installed as both a vertical liftgate or as an overhead door/horizontal door for situations involving limited mounting space.
  • High level of fire resistance, up to EI (1) 60 minutes and 180 minutes fire resistance (EW)
  • Available with soundproofing up to 55 dB
  • Blinds feature a unique 'click-system', in which the fins at an angle of 90 degrees allows any damaged panels to be easily disassembled and replaced.
  • Ability to be equipped with a liquid retention barrier, explosion-proof doors and drive control according to the ATEX directive, so that shutter is ideal for a PGS 15 location.