Metacon OHD-C EI(1) 60 / EI(2)90 EW 90

Fire resistant sectional doors provide an excellent solution for compartmenting or closing off spaces and making them fireproof in several industrial applications.


Due to the high fire-resistance of 60 minutes (in compliance with the EI(1) criteria) and 90 minutes (in compliance with the EI(2) and EW criteria), based on two-sided testing according to the European norm EN 1634-1, this door is very suitable for areas that require a high fire-resistance.


It is also very suitable for facilities in which substances, dangerous for the environment, are stored.


The sectional door is constructed with horizontal fittings, with a high lift if necessary, or fully vertical, making this door suitable in spaces with the most diverse built-in situations.


Due to the use of the patented composite panels, this sectional door is particularly suitable for use in food safe areas and the bio industry.

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