12 April 2018

The demonstrable reliability of Metacon

As you may know, Metacon has done many fire tests with the diverse doors in its product range. This concerns testing according to European standards, but also various country-specific tests, with which the fire-resistant performance of the products can be demonstrated. What may not be known is that Metacon also tests the products for durability with regard to the number of cycles of movement and gravity self-closing (constancy of performance). These tests are carried out in-house, but also tests monitored by a Notified Body are carried out with the EN 14600 as an underlay. These tests are also necessary for the future CE, but the standards for the endurance tests of doors with fire/smoke protection properties have been withdrawn. If more information becomes available, it will be communicated in a subsequent newsletter. Although the standards are still unclear, Metacon recently received the report for 50,000 cycles of movement (C3) for the METACON RGS EI (1) 60, METACON RGS EI (1) 120, METACON RGS EW 180 and METACON RGS EW 240 products. Test size 8000 x 5620 mm (daylight sizes in width x height). The test with the METACON RGS 90-120 ECO and METACON RGS EW 360 TWIN, also 50,000 cycles, has been completed this month and the report is expected to follow next month. This test was also carried out in the dimension 8000 x 5620 mm (daylight sizes in width x height). For the METACON GGS / SGS lifting/sliding door, the tests for constancy of performance, with which durability can be demonstrated, are carried out by a partner. The products METACON OHD EI (1) 60 / EW 90 and METACON OHD ECO EI (1) 60 / EW 60 are currently subject to their own test only, but in the coming months the test set-ups for the monitored tests will be structured, so that sustainability for these products can also be reported by an independent institute.