The Company

Your expert in rolling shutters, fire-resistant sliding doors and awning systems.

Metacon is a top manufacturer of rolling shutters, fire-resistant sliding doors and awning systems and is also an expert in design. With more than 70 skilled employees and branches in the Netherlands and Belgium, Metacon has built up a major network of partners within Europe and abroad.


With its wide range of rolling shutters, fire-resistant sliding doors and design capabilities, Metacon has solutions for the most diverse of situations. This makes Metacon the top shutter expert in the Netherlands.


Metacon manufactures burglar-proof rolling shutters and rolling barricades with solid, perforated or transparent slats, as well as folding gates. In addition, Metacon has developed a wide range of fire-resistant rolling sliding doors, overhead sectional doors (with both vertical and horizontal raising actions), sliding doors and fire-resistant drop cloths.


We manufacture a wide range of products within our own factory using the most modern and advanced machinery available and use a variety of materials including steel, aluminium and stainless steel. We provide complex tailor-made solutions as well as simple volume products. By also supplying awning systems as well as folding arm awnings, Metacon has distinguished itself from other companies in various markets.

Metacon The shutter expert in the Netherlands and abroad.

Metacon’s international ambitions have gradually become a reality. More and more clients are requesting the involvement of Metacon in their major international projects. Metacon is achieving its greatest growth in the international market, with the number of projects completed abroad increasing every year.